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Coping With Miscarriage

Deena and Matthew Crandall met in 1987 through a mutual friend. They dated and married 22 years ago, and like most young couples, anticipated parenthood. Deena endured two miscarriages, however, before realizing that she could not have children. This grief, powerful though it was — and in truth, still is — helps the couple counsel […]

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Puppies With a Purpose – Raising Guide Dogs

I got to interview the group of women who raise guide dog puppies for the blind for two publications, the Register-Guard’s Dash special publication and Spot Magazine. These trainers spend a huge amount of time making sure the puppies are good citizens. They are the best-behaved dogs I’ve ever met, and the people who receive […]

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Summer Camps

Parents and kids naturally have different views of how life changes when summer rolls around. Many parents wonder how their kids will occupy themselves without school, and I suspect, many kids wonder how to occupy themselves without their parents. The goal for parents is that their kids are not only kept busy, but safe and […]

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Recreating Ancient Coptic Egyptian Textiles

Nancy Hoskins, a former college weaving instructor, has a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts/Weaving, Art Education, and Art History from the University of Oregon. For decades, her research has been focused on Pharaonic, Coptic (Christian Egyptian), and Early Islamic Egyptian textiles. She has studied public and private collections of Egyptian fabrics all over the world, […]

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