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Room to Breathe in a Mid-Century Modern Home

Ellie and her husband, John, are the second owners of a 1968 home, architect-designed in the mid-century modern style. The home’s original owners, Elaine and Cecil Armes, designed the home around her Steinway grand piano. The instrument was selected for the home by Fritz Steinway himself, and in 2005 was gifted to the University of […]

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Home With Eagle’s View in Lowell

I lived in the tiny town of Lowell for three years. As you turn off Highway 58 onto the main road in Lowell, the first thing you see is a large hill rising up off to the right side of town. I could sometimes see goats like white specks grazing the rugged hillside. I drove […]

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Straw Bale Building Works – Even in Oregon

Thanks to that old story “The Three Little Pigs,” conventional wisdom holds that only a glutton for punishment would build a house of straw. But it’s time to take a match to that old cliché, particularly when the building material is bales of rye grass. A 1 1/2-story home was Eugene’s first straw bale dwelling […]

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Over-the-Top Countertops

For a durable countertop, granite fits the bill. But so do alternative materials off the beaten path, including exotic natural stones, wood slabs and even man-made laminated papers. The Novak family, for one, wanted something unusual when choosing countertops for their country home’s hardworking kitchen and recreation room.

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