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Hi! Thanks for visiting my site. This is where I’m supposed to tell you what I specialize in, but I can’t. I’m a generalist, which means I can and have covered just about everything – some weighty topics, some not. Most of my experience is in magazine and newspaper features, though I am fully versed in web publishing and also have extensive marketing experience.


Vanessa Salvia
Writer, Editor

Complex ideas in short spaces

I have written cover stories and feature articles on numerous topics, including technology, music, food, books, people, hard science, business, the environment and sustainability, home and garden, architecture and design, lifestyles, fitness, animals, financial planning, art and travel. I don’t have a favorite topic because I love them all. I’m not a novelist, so if you need short and snappy, I can do that. But I also love digging in and really getting to know a topic.

I love being a writer because I can be professionally curious. I get to know the people, places and things I write about so that I can convey that closeness and understanding in my work. I have lived in Eugene, Oregon, since 1991, since I was 19 years old. I know this community, its history and its quirks well. Personally, I’m not as spontaneous as I used to be. Professionally, I’m reliable, deadline-oriented, ethical and fact-based. That doesn’t sound very exciting, but trust me, it is.


Ask me if I want to tackle the job you need done and you’ve got a great chance I’ll say yes.
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Freelance Writing

I’m a versatile writer and editor with professional experience spanning two centuries! I’m not THAT old, but I did get my start writing professionally in 1998. Since then, I have written for numerous print and web publications locally and nationally.


Editing the work of others is difficult and demanding, but as editor of a quarterly lifestyle magazine for 5 years and editor of three trade journals, I have spent hours each day doing just that. I edit for clarity and to make the writer shine while I disappear.

Business Copy/Social Media/Web

I’m experienced in providing marketing and communication materials for businesses and organizations. Press releases. Setting up social media sites and providing insight into using them. Email marketing. Newsletters. Web copy. Brochures. Technical writing. Process documentation.


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