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Cousin Jack’s Pastys

Pastys are a traditional Cornish pastry of meat and vegetables tucked into a flaky dough pocket. The owners of this business come from a large family with family members involved in many different local ventures, so I wrongly assumed that was the origin of the name Cousin Jack. I came to understand that the name […]

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Curious K9 Boutique

LeAnne Schilling, 24, owner of Curious K9 Boutique, comes from a family of dog lovers. Her father worked for canine enforcement for Customs in Texas. He’s trained dogs for police work, personal protection, search and rescue. Her parents also own Schilling’s Canine Social Club for dogs.

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Grow Your Own Coral

Ian McMenamin worked sweeping floors in a pet store at age 13, and was “mesmerized” by the saltwater reef tanks. He began growing coral for himself 10 years ago, slowly cultivating more exotic species, some of which can sell for $300 for a quarter-sized piece and take two years to grow. In time, coral aficionados […]

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