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Oregon harvest holiday

November and December are the only months of the year in which we gather expressly to be grateful for the bounty in our lives, and to share it with others. It feels even more meaningful when the meals we share celebrate local and seasonal ingredients.

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Make Your Own Corned Beef-It’s Easy!

Come March, winter’s been gnawing at our bones for too long. We’re ready for spring’s warmth, and St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 offers the promise of just one more wintry holiday before the sun starts to strengthen. The signature dish of St. Patrick’s Day, corned beef, offers one last chance to steam up the […]

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Sour Cherry and Strawberry Pie Recipe

My neighbor sent me a cryptic text message that “Italians are coming for a BBQ tomorrow” and could we come? I said yes, of course, because who says no to a BBQ on a Saturday in June? Plus, I needed to find out more about these Italians. She texts again, “Great, bring a bit of […]

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