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On the Watch for Whales

About 20,000 gray whales pass by the Oregon Coast beginning in early March on their way to northern feeding grounds in the Bering and Chukchi seas. They turn around in October, returning to breed in Mexico’s warm lagoons, so the chances of seeing whales along the coast are good to great, particularly during the peak […]

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Callie’s Fund

Callie the dog’s owner worked as a hospice nurse. Callie showed such a remarkable bond with the hospice patients that a fund to care for the needs of pets belonging to people in hospice care was started in her honor.

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What’s Your Pet Personality?

This was one of my features for Eugene Magazine’s pet-themed issue. I asked people from exotic pet shops, Greenhill Humane Society, a local parrot rescue group and horse owners, among others, to find out what basic considerations people should give to certain type of animals that they might want to have. I was disappointed that […]

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Puppies With a Purpose – Raising Guide Dogs

I got to interview the group of women who raise guide dog puppies for the blind for two publications, the Register-Guard’s Dash special publication and Spot Magazine. These trainers spend a huge amount of time making sure the puppies are good citizens. They are the best-behaved dogs I’ve ever met, and the people who receive […]

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