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Do You Need Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance can be a beneficial cushion against unexpected health issues with your pet. This article examines some popular pet insurance plans and helps you uncover whether it’s an expense you should consider adding to the budget.

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Raising Guidedog Puppies

The more guide dog puppies are safely exposed to crowds, other dogs, buses, busy streets, Frisbees, bouncing balls and squirrels, the better they’ll be able to guide their blind companions. This group of ladies trains the most well-behaved puppies by taking them out regularly.

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The “Lost Dogs” of Chile

Bend-based documentary filmmaker Vanessa Schulz was working on an entirely different project when she came across a video of “the hero dog.” The video of a dog being struck by cars on a highway in Chile inspired her to research the situation. She unveiled a heart-wrenching picture: in the city of Santiago, Chile, population 7 […]

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What Goes Into the Making of a Good Dog?

Here’s a how-to guide every dog parent needs but don’t always know where to find. Spot spoke with three local experts in dog training and socialization who shared the most important things to do when introducing a new dog to the family, whether it’s an 8-week-old puppy or an 8-year-old rescue. Armed with these tips, […]

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Trae’s Anatomy – Healthy Older Cats

One year in a cat’s life is roughly equivalent to seven human years. When your cat reaches age 9, your vet should request a senior wellness exam. You can’t stop your dear cat from growing older, of course, but there are things you can do to help support your aging kitty.

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Summer Getaways With Your Pets

For most people in the Northwest, the coast is a powerful magnet, calling us to play for a day, or an extended stay. For pet lovers, the getting away just keeps getting better, as ever more destinations, shops and lodgings declare themselves pet-friendly. Nearly every coastal town is pet-friendly to a degree, but some towns […]

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