Home With Eagle’s View in Lowell

I lived in the tiny town of Lowell for three years. As you turn off Highway 58 onto the main road in Lowell, the first thing you see is a large hill rising up off to the right side of town. I could sometimes see goats like white specks grazing the rugged hillside. I drove around the town to the left to get to my little house, where there was another hill rising up behind me. I learned that my hillside was once owned by the man who owned the hill that you could see when you first got to town. I fact, my hill was the backside of his hill, and he had sold off my portion to pay for improvements on his portion. I got to know Roy and his wife Martha a little bit and they invited me in to tour their home for this article. It truly is a gorgeous home, not because it is big and fancy. In fact it’s not large at all; including the guest house it’s a very modest 2,300 square feet or so. But Roy has used every inch of space creatively and carefully, and the wood, the plants and the views are my idea of perfect. Click to view the full Roy Nelson house walkthrough – Spring 2011.











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