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Cousin Jack’s Pastys

Pastys are a traditional Cornish pastry of meat and vegetables tucked into a flaky dough pocket. The owners of this business come from a large family with family members involved in many different local ventures, so I wrongly assumed that was the origin of the name Cousin Jack. I came to understand that the name […]

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Puppies With a Purpose – Raising Guide Dogs

I got to interview the group of women who raise guide dog puppies for the blind for two publications, the Register-Guard’s Dash special publication and Spot Magazine. These trainers spend a huge amount of time making sure the puppies are good citizens. They are the best-behaved dogs I’ve ever met, and the people who receive […]

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Make Your Own Corned Beef-It’s Easy!

Come March, winter’s been gnawing at our bones for too long. We’re ready for spring’s warmth, and St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 offers the promise of just one more wintry holiday before the sun starts to strengthen. The signature dish of St. Patrick’s Day, corned beef, offers one last chance to steam up the […]

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Straw Bale Building Works – Even in Oregon

Thanks to that old story “The Three Little Pigs,” conventional wisdom holds that only a glutton for punishment would build a house of straw. But it’s time to take a match to that old cliché, particularly when the building material is bales of rye grass. A 1 1/2-story home was Eugene’s first straw bale dwelling […]

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