Summer Tastes Like Gazpacho

Not a summer goes by that I don’t make gazpacho at least once. No other food tastes more like summer to me. Typically gazpacho is reserved for the handful of 90+ degree days when I don’t feel like cooking anything at all. And if it’s made with tomatoes grown in my home garden, all the better, but in this case, my tomatoes aren’t ready yet and I couldn’t wait.

On July 4 (2013), we went to Fall Creek to jump in the river. I wanted easy picnic foods, but I was also craving my gazpacho hit. Soup bowls and spoons weren’t going anywhere near my picnic basket, so I chopped everything up. Into the bowl went tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, cucumber, basil, a little bit of salt and a big glug of good tasting olive oil. We all ate — with forks — to our heart’s content, and the next day, when we had the civility to be able to eat at a table, I whipped it into soup with my immersion blender. Two meals for the work of one.

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