What To Do In Your Garden in Fall

This was a fun seasonal gardening tip to write. I admire Christmas cactus but I have never been able to keep them alive. I do, however, use beer to bait slugs in my garden. I don’t give them my Ninkasi sludge . . . I make a special purchase of Rainier or Hamm’s for the slimy critters. I went to a local garden store because I felt ill-at-ease buying 40-ounce bottles of the cheapest beer on the shelf, and I felt compelled to tell the cashier that it wasn’t for me, but for the slugs. Not sure if they believed my protestations. The dude at the garden store asked me a couple of question–Do I live with kids? Do I live with animals?–to which I answered yes and yes, and he encouraged me to pass on the poisonous slug bait and continue to buy the 40s. So if you see a really uncomfortable older woman buying a cart-full of 40-ounce beers, have some compassion. It really is for the slugs.

View the full PDF of Seasonal Gardening – Fall 2011“>Seasonal Gardening Tips from Fall 2011.

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