Oregon Contemporary Theatre Opens Season With “Becky’s New Car”

I wrote nine previews of local theater and performance art for the Register-Guard’s fall 2014 arts preview guide, which promotes the next season of numerous arts organizations.


The Oregon Contemporary Theatre recently opened its 2014-15 season with “Becky’s New Car.”

The play, which runs through Oct. 4, stars local actress Storm Kennedy as Becky Foster, a bored, middle-age middle manager stuck in a middling marriage.

And then, an honest misunderstanding with a wealthy widower offers her the chance at an exciting double life — and she takes it.

Five other plays will complete the season.

“I and You,” running from Oct. 24 to Nov. 15, is a tale of young love and human connection, all wrapped around an assignment to examine Walt Whitman’s poem “Leaves of Grass.”

In “A Bright New Boise,” playing Jan. 9-31, a mysterious stranger, Will, takes a job at the Boise Hobby Lobby.

While there, Will reconnects with his estranged son and must explain why he left his church.

From Feb. 20 to March 14, Edward Albee’s perennial favorite “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” examines the breakdown of the marriage of the middle-age George and Martha.

“Lucky Me,” a National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere, shows April 10 to May 2. It’s a whimsical comedy featuring Sara, who is having a really bad week.

The season ends with the May 15 to June 7 “Dontrell, Who Kissed the Sea,” also an NNPN Rolling World Premiere.

Dontrell dreams nightly of a captive African, a man who looks like his own father, thrown overboard from a boat.

Dontrell makes the decision to save him, but he needs some important tools before he can, namely, the faith of his family and loved ones as he pursues a seemingly impossible task.

Oregon Contemporary Theatre

Where: Lord Leebrick Playhouse, 194 W. Broadway

Contact: 541-684-6988,

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