Autism Rocks Camp

Autism Rocks is a local organizations that hosts art events for creative people with autism and a yearly camp at a lodge in the woods for people with autism and their caretakers. Their guests say that they look forward to it all year long and it is a meaningful respite for the caregivers as well as a chance for the people with autism to be around others with autism. I can’t begin to speak with experience about autism, but my understanding is that a lot of the therapies for autistic people involve helping them control their behaviors and responses so that they can integrate more readily with people without autism. Autism Rocks seeks to provide a place where people with autism can be just as they are, with no pressure on their needing to conform to norms or expectations. Seems like that’s what everyone needs. This article ran in the Spring 2011 edition of Eugene Magazine, in the Community Pulse section, which highlights local organizations that help others. Here’s the  full Autism Rocks – spring 2011 PDF. 

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