About Vanessa Salvia

Reporter – Copywriter – Content Creator – Editor

Over a nearly 20-year career as a journalist, I have learned the importance of telling stories and delivering a clear message. As a content creator, I help businesses build their brands and communicate their messages in the most effective ways.  As a journalist, I have written thousands of articles on countless topics, including concrete construction, phlebology (vein therapy), music, food, books, people, hard science, business, the environment and sustainability, home and garden, architecture and design, lifestyles, fitness, animals, financial planning, art and travel.

I was editor of a lifestyle magazine for five years, followed by several years as editor of two different trade journals covering decorative concrete and concrete construction. I’ve also spent several years working in traditional web development agencies.

I don’t have a favorite topic because I love them all. If you need short and snappy, I can do that. But I also love digging in and really getting to know a topic.