Oh So Graphic Web Development and Design

“I never hesitate to recommend Vanessa to my clients for their copy writing and editing needs. I find her easy to work with and professional, no matter the size or scope of the project. I appreciate the attention to detail and care she takes with each client, including being mindful of timelines, budgets and word counts. She is skilled at modifying the tone and voice of her writing as needed, no matter the subject matter. Whether it’s a technical document or a bright, bubbly blog post (or anything in between), her writing is perfectly suited to the audience. She has a high level of technical skill as an editor as well, and works quickly and with precision. Her unique skill set and experience in all types of print and web copywriting make her an invaluable part of any project. I wish I was a better writer so I could more skillfully explain what an asset she is to have on your team!”

~ Janelle Frazier, web developer and designer, Oh So Graphic

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