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What To Do In Your Garden in Fall

I admire Christmas cactus but I have never been able to keep them alive. I do, however, use beer to bait slugs in my garden. I don’t give them my Ninkasi sludge . . . I make a special purchase of Rainier or Hamm’s for the slimy critters. I went to a local garden store […]

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What To Do in Your Garden in Summer

Each quarter when I wrote these gardening tips for Eugene Magazine, I would pore over my gardening file. As I look through magazines and newspapers throughout the year, I tear out the bits that seem particularly useful and informative and put them in my file. For these seasonal tips, I combed through this file and […]

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What To Do in Your Garden in Spring

As editor of Eugene Magazine, one of my jobs for each issue was to gather seasonal gardening information. We published quarterly, so although my garden is nothing to brag about, I published these tidbits that sound really knowledgeable. They’re based on research, not necessarily personal experience. But these made me yearn for the garden of […]

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Blackberries Without Thorns? Yes!

Many people know that berry crops grow well here in the Northwest thanks to our warm, dry summer days and cool nights. But this is not only a hospitable climate for berries, it’s also the center of berry cultivating research. Dr. Bernadine Strik is Professor of Horticulture at Oregon State University, Extension Berry Crops Specialist, […]

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